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Chessex Dice

The King of Dice sets. Chessex continue to produce some of the most interesting and visually stunning dice sets on the market today. Not only that, but they are high quality dice too, with a weighty feel and a great 'roll'. Check out the really nice 'Scarab' and 'Vortex' ranges for top notch dice sets. You may have to pay a little more, but do remember, these dice are quite simply way above average in terms of quality and style!

If you are only interested in dice, and nothing else on Legendgames, then try our dice-only site at which only lists dice, making your purchasing easier!

If you are a teacher or are ordering for a UK school, educational facility or training centre, we've set up where we accept pro-forma invoices from bona fide UK educational facilities and staff.

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Buy Chessex Opaque Dice at

Simply spot on. These dice are of high quality and come in a variety of colour ranges that you don't get with other dice makes.

Buy Chessex Scarab Dice at

Beautiful dice finished in a high lustre coating. They appear to have a metalic, oily finish and do look like they should be found in an old tomb somewhere! Our favourite dice sets.

Buy Chessex Frosted Dice at

Chessex 'Frosted Dice' range. d20 poly sets for roleplaying and sets of 'normal' 6 sided dice.

Buy Chessex Festive Range at

A swirled blend of 'party' colours with a silky finish.

Buy Chessex Mother of Pearl at

Classic mix of pearl and marbled finish makes an awesome dice

Buy Chessex Borealis Dice at

A range of transparent gem dice with a metalic dust suspended in the dice. Both d20 poly sets and six sided sets available

Buy Chessex Leaf Dice at

A metallic-leaf kind of finish that works well. d20 poly sets, d10 sets and six sided sets available

Buy Chessex Vortex Dice at

The Vortex range are high gloss marbled finish dice. d20 poly and d6 sets available

Buy Chessex Velvet Dice at

A velvet finish with subtle pearl hues making a dice that seems to glow.

Buy Chessex Phantom Dice at

A pale unearthly sheen and colour scheme give these dice a deathly feel. The Black and the Teal are especially good.

Buy Chessex Lustrous Dice at

A gloss finish with base colours swirled around metallics to give a metal and marbled effect with with a pearlescent sheen d20 poly and d6 sets available

Buy Chessex Gemini Dice at

A really nice two coloured finish including a selection of metallic styles that really shimmer and shine. A high contrast coloured metalic style of dice that shines. Some great colour combos that really stand out. Our best selling Chessex Dice variety by far, with a lot of colour combinations making them appeal to a wide section of gamers, from the Pinkies to the Dark Lovers... Note: The picture shows the style and colour of this type of dice. It may not show the actual dice in this set. Please ensure you order the correct set that you want.

Buy Chessex Speckled Dice at

7 stone effect speckled dice in a clear plasic box

Buy Chessex Gem Dice at

Buy Chessex - Other Dice Sets at

Other Chessex dice sets we have not had time to put in their own categories yet.


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