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Australian Rails Board game for 28.80 inc VAT + P&P

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Australian Rails Board game

Manufacturer: LegendGames
Range: LegendGames

Australian Rails Board game - Ref(MG4502) - Rail fans can experience the thrills of owning, building, and operating railroads in the land down under!

Explore the outback, build your rail empire across mountains and deserts to build a fortune. But beware dangerous sandstorms and flooding rivers as you stretch your rails across this vast continent!

Australia Rails is part of the award-winning Empire Builder series of games, but is a complete stand-alone adventure in the world of railroading. Using a specially designed board, you will use crayons to draw your rail lines.

Since you decide which cities to connect and where your routes will go, you alone decide the course of railroading history.

Demand cards will help guide your decisions, showing you what resources and goods are in demand in various cities. Since there are more than 100 cards and 45 different cities, you will never see the same game twice!

Rail fans have enjoyed building railroad empires for years. Now it's your turn to master the land down under as you gather a railroad fortune, all in a single afternoon!

No. of Players 2 - 6
Duration: 90 to 180 minutes
Min. Age: 12

Price: 28.80

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