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Metal Dice

Heavy Metal dice - We have a range of real metal dice and a few plastic 'metal coloured' dice. the real metal ones are fantastic! We've got single dice and sull 7 dice poly sets. The d20 poly sets come in standard 16mm and mini 12mm sizes. PLEASE NOTE that our metal dice are made of a coloured metal alloy that looks like silver, copper or gold. They are NOT made of precious metals. The descriptions are the colour, not the actual metal used. They are from the Dwarven Metal range of metal dice from Crystal Caste.

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Buy Q-Workshop Metal D6 Dice at

Q-Workshop have a 'Dwarven' design in solid metal. D6 only.

Buy Crystal Caste Metal Dice Sets for RPGs at

We stock mini dice sets and standard 16mm dice sets in metal dice. These are Dwarven Metal dice from Crystal Caste. They all come with a bag. You get 7 RPG dice, d4 d6 d8 d10 d% d12 and d20. Very heavy, very nice, very likely to dent your table

Buy Crystal Caste Jumbo Metal Dice at

A range of over-sized dice from Crystal Caste Dwarven Metal range of matal dice. The d20 is 35mm diameter (thats about an inch and a quarter).

Buy Crystal Caste 6 sided Metal spot dice at

A selection of d6 spot dice - thats standard 6 sided dice to you and me. From teh Crystal Caste Dwarven Metal metal dice range.

Buy Crystal Caste Individual Metal Dice at

A selection of individual Metal Dice from the Dwarven Metal series from Crystal Caste Dice.


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