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Niagara - the Boardgame

Manufacturer: LegendGames
Range: LegendGames

Niagara - the Boardgame - Ref(RGG258) - Niagara

Number of players: 3-5
Age of players: 8+
Length: 60 minutes
Languages Available:
Suggested Retail: $49.95

Game Description:
In the wild rapids of the Niagara River, fearless canoers battle the water and each other to collect gems along the riverbank. Of course, the most valuable gems are found furthest down-river, close to the waterfall. Yes, there is a waterfall, and careless canoers can fall over the waterfall. Also, players must return collected gems to land in order to be counted. At the end, the player who collects the most value in gems is the winner.Players play on a 3D board, representing the Niagara River and the falls. Canoes float down the river as the river flows, but players can row their canoes up-river or down-river to collect gems, to return them to shore, and to avoid the waterfall. This game is great fun for the family, but is strategic and gives players the chance to plan and steal from one another.

Author: Thomas Liesching
Stock Number: 258

Price: 42.60

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