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Carcassonne - The Phantom for 5.40 inc VAT + P&P

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Carcassonne - The Phantom

Bar Code: 0655132004398


Manufacturer: LegendGames
Range: LegendGames

Carcassonne - The Phantom - Ref(RGG439) - Carcassonne the phantom - Each player gets a phantom “meeple” of their colour. During their turn, a player may place this phantom as a second follower on the board. In this way, he may place two followers on two different features on the same tile. When a player gets back the phantom, he may use it in a later turn as well. The phantom can also be used alone and always counts as a regular follower.

Carcassonne the phantom contains: 6 phantom meeples, rules, meeple shaped container

Price: 5.40

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