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Power Grid - First Sparks

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Power Grid - First Sparks - Ref(RGG461) - As clan leaders, players are responsible for the well-being of their clans during the Stone Age. They need to develop new hunting technologies and get new knowledge to successfully
hunt food or to learn to control fire. With the help of these skills, the players will harvest enough food to feed their clans and to spread far enough to reach new hunting areas.
In this game, the players are confronted with manifold decisions: which technology cards offer the biggest advantages, when is the right time to spread their clans on the game board,
and which hunting areas will offer the most food? Reaching new hunting areas or trying to secure parts of the game board for their clans are important factors for the players‘
strategies. Empty spaces are cheaper for clans to settle compared to spaces where other clans already have settled. The player with the most clan members on the board after at least
one player has increased his clan size to 13 members will win the First Sparks.

Game Authors note: To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the original Power Grid, I wanted to do something special. While thinking about the different possibilities, an interesting idea arose. Let‘s play with the name of the game and do something with sparks. And this was the birth of this game: Stone Age, fire, food.
The First Sparks, shifts the Power Grid principle into the Stone Age. The order of phases during a game round, the player order, the technology cards: all these parts you already know from Power Grid. But what is new? What is different?
The First Sparks« is much faster and far more direct: you are immediately part of the action and each turn, each decision is important. One piece of advice for the first game: if you decide to choose to buy a certain knowledge card, adjust your strategy completely to this card. Do not try to get everything at once, either. The most important hint: do not spend too much food on spreading your clan. If you do, you may not have enough left for buying the next technology card. This is the biggest possible mistake you can make in The First Sparks!

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