Answers to some frequently asked questions about our products and services are provided here. If you can't find an answer to your question, please get in touch with us directly and we will be happy to assist you.

  • Are these products 3D prints?
    With a very few exceptions - NO! They are resin castings made from 2-part PU resin cast in silicone moulds. The masters may be 3D printed but the products shipped to you are not, with a few exceptions such as Treasure Chest lids and the Ship Wheel, which are not easily to cast in resin.

  • Can individual products be customised?
    No, that is not an option since the products are cast from existing moulds that cannot be modified for each production run.

  • Can I request specific content such as only one style of base in a pack?
    No, our products are case in batches that comprise all the items in the particular set so we would be left with sets that are incomplete if we did this.

  • What do I need to do before using these products?
    We do not finish the models so you may need to clip off any sprues or mould flash and sand the base. This keeps our costs down and therefore the prices you pay are lower.

  • Help! My model has arrived warped.
    Warping of resin models is an uncommon but well documented problem - especially with large flat items such as bases. As resin is a type of plastic it is easy to remedy with some heat. We recommend you heat the item up for about a minute or so at a temperature that makes the item pliable, then bend it back into shape and run under cold water for couple of minutes until it has set in the new shape. Please take safety precautions when heating the item.

  • What do I need to do to paint my models? 
    We recommend you wash your scenery in mild detergent to remove any mould-release agent from the models before priming for painting. We suggest a good spray-on primer to start and then you can use whatever hobby paint range you favour to complete the paint job.

  • Can I drill, cut, file and modify these models?
    YES! our PU resin is suitable for modification and can be drilled and filed easily. If you want to magnetise your figure bases, for example, that is an easy job to do with a relevant sized drill.

  • Can I make copies of these models?
    NO! our designs remain our Copyright and you are not permitted to make casts of the items you buy, either for personal use or for re-sale.

  • Are these figure bases suitable for 'My Favourite Game'?
    Check the size of base you need for the game you play - if we don't make the right size, get in touch, we may be able to add that to our range. Check the requirements for basing if you play in tournaments  to ensure you bases are tournament legal!

  • Can I get a custom piece made?
    Possibly! Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

For any other queries, please contact us using our contact form and we'll get back to you promptly.