Our range of Barrels are primarily designed at a 28mm to 32mm scale for use as RPG dungeon scenery in your tabletop RPGs.

The range will contain a large selection of items including both opened and closed barrels, damaged barrels (some with their contents spilling out) and racks to hold a number of barrels for 'beer cellar' or Tavern brawls. We will have several sizes and styles so that your dungeons don't have that same old monotonous feel every game.

Our barrels are all hand crafted and cast in resin. Nothing has been 3D designed or 3D printed. Our aim is to make a more natural range of games components as we feel most 3D designed ranges have a 'cartoon' look and feel.

Some painted examples of our forthcoming dungeon scenery Resin Barrels as promised - these images show several different versions. There will be even more when the range is released.

We are still refining these barrels, and will release them when we are happy with the final finish.