At long last we've finalised our Barrel Sets and put them into production. 

30 individual designs are available. You can purchase a single set of all 30 barrels, or go for a themed set of barrels. Each themed set comes with 10 individual barrels, two each in 5 different designs. 

Our primary two sets are sealed barrels, with otehr sets including damaged, short, open empty and open filled options.

Because we have 30 distinct designs, your dungeons will feel that bit more authentic.

Our resin barrels are hand crafted not 3D modelled so they have a less cartoon style than many other similar items.

Just take a look and see that you think!

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Set 1 - sealed barrels


Set 4 - Damaged Barrels



Set 6 - Open Filled Barrels


Set 7 - the Complete Barrel Range