We are working on a range of Dungeon Tiles with various floors, walls and accessories.

Our tiles conform to the 2.5" grid system with 3/4 height walls. We feel this gives a good compromise between use and looks. Usually a 5ft square is 1" on a tile, but this means that any tile with a wall on it lacks the space to position a figure as the wall takes up a lot of room. There are a few ways round this - walls that are make of cardstock or plasticard, stand alone walls or floor tiles that are slightly larger. We are looking at various options  but our main idea is using 'oversized' tiles. These tiles use a 1.25" per 5ft scheme, with 1/4" thick walls.

You can still fit 2 'standard' miniatuers side by side in a 10ft wide corridor with both walls on the corridor tile. Using an unwalled tile with separate external walls will also allow this, with room to spare.

Our doors will be "slip-over" or "balance-on" style doors so that they can be added to any wall section without having to have walls with doors alredy built in. THey are designed to fit our 3/4 height walls.

Our wall sections will come separate to floor files, and also integrally cast, so you can mix and match to make varied layouts. The walls are highly  detailed on one side with features such as alcoves, bricked up arches and patched up stone, but simply detailed on the reverse.  We will have various wall lengths, corners, stairs and other useful sections.

Our Dungeon Accessories such as bases, barrels, ruins, wooden platforms etc are designed to fit the dimensions of the floor tiles and walls.

Prototype samples from the Dungeons Range

Diorama_4.jpg Diorama_1.jpg Diorama_5.jpg
Example Diorama Example Diorama with 10ft corirdor Example Diorama
Wall_Selection_1.jpg Short_walls_1.jpg Reverse_Wall.jpg
Wall Options Short Wall Options Corner Wall Setup
Corner_wall.jpg Door_slipover_1.jpg door_prototype.jpg
Corner Wall  Single Cast Door Detail - 'balance-on' door Prototype Slip-over Doors