Welcome to LegendGames.  At LegendGames we design and cast terrain, bases and scenery for a range of tabletop roleplaying and wargaming systems. Our ranges are mainly 28mm to 32mm scale, and are suitable for Fantasy, Post Apocalyptic and similar genres.


Who Are LegendGames?

LegendGames is a Trademark owned by Solis Infotech Limited and is used to brand goods made by Solis Infotech Liminted for the tabletop games market.

Originally, back in the mists of time, late last century,  Legendgames was an online RPG shop selling everything from RPGs and Boardgames to accessories and card games. Over the years we changed direction from general RPG sales to more specific Dice sales, and then we moved away from retail and into wholesale supply of dice, counters and other games.

Legendgames was taken over by Solis Infotech Limited in 2015. Solis Infotech Limited now runs a trade only supply site at www.tradedice.com, a retail dice site at www.thediceplace.com and a miniature figure retail site at www.rpgminiatures.com.

What does LegendGames Produce?

Legendgames is a brand name and is used to brand products made by Solis Infotech Limited. All the items you see on this site are designed and made under the trademarked brand name. 

The brand is used on a growing range of tabletop gaming terrain, bases and scenery. 

Where can you buy LegendGames products?

As a retail customer, you can find our products on Amazon in the UK and at a small but growing number of games shops (both bricks and mortar stores and online shops).

If you are a trade customer, you can source trade supplies  from TradeDice in the UK.