Our Necromancer lair is taking shape!

Take a look at some of the ways you could use our terrain in your games.

Some of our terrain set up in a Necromancer Lair

We're adding more Necromancer themed terrain on a weekly basis, with the goal of creating a large multi-part set that can be used to depict a fully stocked Necromancer Lair - complete with summoning pits, demons, the raised dead and much much more!


Here are some photos of our terrain in-situ to show you the kind of thing you may be able to achieve with some of our downloads and resin parts.

A D&D Necromancer from an old Wizards of the Coast plastic Miniatures range.

We've used some of our pre-production walls and floors in this set of pictures along with some of our accessories such as barrels, chests and doors. We hope it gives you a flavour of what you could achieve with a few simple terrain purchases.

The barrels are physical resin models and not available for download. We've got 30 different barrels in the range. Some are sealed, others open. We've got tall ones, short ones, damaged ones, some filled and some empty - but all full of character.

A Cleric tryuing to hold back the Necromancers hoards. Has he spotted the barrel of bones to his left, that may well suddenly animate?

Our Arcane tables are full of character and detail too with that necromancer skull theme running through them. Great as part of an Arcane Lab or Magicians chamber as well as the Necromancer lair. They come as STL or cast Resin versions, depending on your needs. The Bookcases shown come in two options - empty shelves and integrated shelves. The resin casts both come with extra book and scroll piles to furnish your lair.

We have some FREE book pile STL files if you prefer to print your own. Our STL files have a plain back, but our Resin options have a cool laser engraved back panel featuring a secret door. Some of our customers are using the bookcases in their Harry Potter games, which is great to hear.

Summoning the undead can be a tricky business. These guys should have moved the canon into position first!

The  walls you can see in these pictures are half height and come in 2.5 and 5 inch long versions - they are True-Tile size compatible as they are 1.25 inch to 5ft scale (same with our floor tiles).

We will probably provide versions that are compatible with OpenLock as well, at some point. We do intend to supply wall and floor STLS and we have an Open Lock license to do that for the Openlock system.

Arcane Obelisks concentrating the Summoners Power

The resin cast Summoning Pentagrams come in two sizes - 70mm (shown here) and a larger 90mm version (shown in the previous picture) for those bigger summoning jobs! Our STL can be scaled to any size that you can print, of course, so you can fit your circle to your needs.

You can see our Sigil-engraved Obelisks flanking this circle, reflecting the sigils on the pentagram edge and spewing out our trademark Necromancer Skull Cores.

Also shown in these dioramas are our first sets of Dungeon Doors - we have a free standing version available to download or purchase in resin, and a couple of versions that sit on or over our wall sections. These are still in development though.

A moody shot of the lair...

We will keep adding to our Lair - not shown here are the recent Necromancer Throne (complete with comfy cushion) and our brand new Necromancer Lair Double Doors which you can find in our shop.