Control those Dark Forces with our Necromancer Obelisk set. Designed for the discerning Necromancer, Summoner or any other sinister mage, this set of Resin Cast models consists of FIVE individual obelisks, each with an Arcane Sigil enscribed on their three sides. Two of thse pillars are damaged showing the central skull and bone cores that help control the power flux of the Necromantic realm.

These pillars stand 65mm tall and are ideal for 25-32mm scale figures. They are well suited to combine with our Necromancer Pentagram sets, bookcases and other accessories. They can be arranged at the points or edges of the Pentagram models and do look very cool on the  gaming table!

NecroLairObelisk1.jpeg NecrolairObelisk2.jpeg

We think they look great as part of a Necromancer lair!