Avast there, deck swabs! We got us some new delights to be showin' off. Take a turn at the wheel, with our Ships Bridge and wheel set, stash yer ill-got gains in a chest or two, then drink yerself to Davy Jones Locker at the tavern bar. All now available in Resin.

This is the Bridge with wheel, resin cast and painted up. Originally designed for an AirShip but equally at home on the high seas - priate or steampunk, whatever takes your fancy (the wheel is slightly different in the final cast too)


If its treasure chests you are after then we've got a set for you. Without lids at present as they are causing a casting issue, but we'll get there and add them on at some point. The 3D render shows the lid option.


Finally, settle back at the Tavern with our pop up 3-barrel bar!