NEW for June 2020, Round resin cast Skull Bases in three sizes - 25mm, 32mm and 40mm diameter.

These bases feature our own skulls, designed and printed in-house in the UK. Ideal for use with Warhammer 40K as well as any other game for 25-32mm scale figures. These bases are available retail via Amazon and Ebay, and Wholesale from our Tradedice website.

Retail Packed Skull Base





5 x 25mm Skull Bases 5 x 32mm Skull Bases 5 x 40mm Skull Bases

Our base packs currently feature a minimum of three different designs, with more to be added in future. All packs contain a random selection from the current range or designs. Please note due to resin mix, colours may vary. They are supplied unpainted.

Painted examples of Skull Bases

SkullBase25x5_detailA.jpg IMG_0405.jpg SkullBase40x5_detailD.jpg
Painted 25mm Skull Bases Painted 32mm Skull Bases Painted 40mm Skull Bases

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For retail sales, please use Amazon UK