Barrel Set 3 - Sealed Short Barrels


Note: Resin products are supplied UNPAINTED and may require some clean up work to remove flash. STL files are unsupported and MAY need supports added for your specific type of printer and resolution.

A set of resin barrels at approximately 28mm scale for use in tabletop RPG and Wargames. The set comprises of 10 barrels, 2 each in 5 different designs. Unpainted.

LegendGames Resin Barrel Set 3

A set of resin barrels at approximately 25mm to 32mm scale for use in most tabletop RPG and Wargames. 

The set comprises of 10 barrels, 2 each in 5 different designs. This set features short sealed barrels of various design.

The barrels are supplied unpainted, and can be painted using regular hobby paints. They may require some finishing work such as removal of mould flash and flattening bases to allow them to stand up without wobbling. For painting, we recommend a flat dark brown undercoat is applied before painting.

The main and second images show the set you are buying. Some of the other images may show additional items such as dice and gaming miniatures. They are used to show you the size of these items and are not included in the pack. Similarly the painted examples are for information and show what the barrels may look like painted up. The painted examples also include designs not included in this pack but available in other packs. The final image shows all 30 of our individually designed barrels.

  • A pack of 10 short sealed barrels for RPG and TableTop skirmish games
  • Five different designs, 2 of each design included in the pack
  • Approximately 25-32mm scale so can be used with many games systems
  • Resin cast in durable material supplied unpainted, may be painted with any hobby paints
  • UK designed and manufactured

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