Necro Work Benches Download


Note: Resin products are supplied UNPAINTED and may require some clean up work to remove flash. STL files are unsupported and MAY need supports added for your specific type of printer and resolution.

Necromancer themed Work benches x2 - one with a clear top and one with sacrificial paraphenalia. Ideal for your growing Nerco Lair.

A double set of Necromancer themed work benches featuring skull infill, sigils and arcane clutter. One is clear topped, the other cluttered with arcane bits and bobs. Ideal for your growing Nerco Lair, Ravenloft horror campaign, Cthulhu or something like a Harry Pottery themed game. 

You get four files - one version of each bench both supported and unsupported.

STL files are copyright Legend Dice Limited and are supplied for your personal non commercial use only. Full Terms and Conditions for purchaing and using our STL files are available here:


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