MDF Bases

Movement Trays

Using LegendGames MDF base holder as a movement tray.

We've designed our bases with a base-holder that can be used as a Movement tray for your miniatures.

Snap off the unwanted parts of the template such as the hanger and the branding and separate the template into however many parts you want in your movement tray. Put the template on a piece of thick card and draw round it. Cut your card out and then glue that to the bottom of the MDF template. 

Discount Code

We have further base options too, and a discount code that you can use on our site 

Code: QRDiscount

Just apply this code at checkout for a 10% discount on ALL our physical products (excludes STL files as they are sold off-site)

Basing Material

We supply a range of basing material that you may find useful for customising our MDF and Plastic basing packs.